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  • [shēngwùgōngchéng]
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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

生物工程 [shēngwùgōngchéng]
  1. 1. noun The bio-engineering ; the biological technology designed to involve life substances such as enzyme engineering, gene engineering and cell engineering in transformation of natural phenomena.
    This university boasts the most advanced bioengineering institute in the country.

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

生物工程 [shēnɡwùgōngchéng]
  1. 1. 20世纪70年代后期兴起的一门新型的跨学科的应用技术科学。旨在研究怎样改造生命系统以改良生物和创造新的生物品种,造福人类。主要包括基因工程、细胞工程、酶工程、微生物工程和生物化学工程五个方面。核心是基因工程。

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With a little genetic engineering camelpox could be used as a bioweapon.
While not advocating head transplant surgery, leading biotechnologist Prof. Roy Bayak agrees medical science is at a stage where human heads and bodies can be joined. [Source: Web Examples ]

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行程 [xíngchē]

  • a vehicle
  • 2.line; row; rank | trade; …
  • 3.go; walk; travel; cover
  • 4.go; walk; travel; cover
  • a vehicle


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