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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary

salt-and-pepper ['sɔltn 'pεpɚ] ['sɔːltn 'pepə]
  1. 1. adjective (衣料、头发)黑白相间的
  2. 2. adjective 【同义词】pepper-and-salt
  3. 3. adjective 黑人和白人混合的

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Place the egg yolks, lemon juice and herbs in a blender or food processor and season well with salt and pepper.
She shook a small amount of salt and pepper onto the dishes before serving.
Mix well until combined, seasoning with salt and black pepper.
For ten-year-old William ' the four seasons are salt, mustard, vinegar and pepper. ' Perhaps be heard his mother talk about seasonings at the dinner table one day. [Source: Web Examples ]


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