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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

package [ˈpækɪʤ]
  1. 1. noun[c] 包裹包袱
    Sending small packages costs the donor more in postage than the stamps are worth!
  2. 2. noun[c] 包装盒包装箱
    The totally new bath panel is still in the package.
  3. 3. noun[c] [Computer Science] 程序包软件包
    The modem was sending the wrong packages.
  4. 4. noun[c] 一整套一揽子
    I want to develop a package of practical measures, largely focused on technology.
  5. 5. vt. 把……打包,把……装箱
    Some of the tapes were already packaged up ready to be sent out.
  6. 6. vt. (指对代售货物进行)包装
    We hope to sell goods by packaging them attractively.
  7. 7. vt. 把……组合一体,把……作为整体
    Everyone has to be neatly packaged into defined groups.

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

package [ˈpækɪdʒ]
  1. 1. noun an object or set of objects wrapped in a box or in paper and sent or given to someone
  2. 2. noun a box, bag, or plastic wrapping containing food that has been weighed ready to be sold, or the food that this contains. The British word is packet
  3. 3. noun a set of proposals or measures for dealing with something
  4. 4. noun a vacation that includes various things such as a hotel room and transportation in the price. The British word is package holiday
  5. 5. noun a set of different pieces of computer software that are sold together as one unit
  6. 6. noun money and other benefits, for example a car, that someone gets from their employer
package [ˈpækɪdʒ]
  1. 1. verb to put things into boxes or wrap them so that they can be sold
  2. 2. verb to sell several things together as one single product
  3. 3. verb to try to make someone or something such as a product or idea seem interesting and exciting to the public

Example Search

The police found a package with white powder.
You must be 18 or above before your bank will issue a check guarantee card and checkbook as part of a current account package.
Dry cleaners package finished orders with four garments per plastic bag.
The tempting offer package of that company decided Patrick to quit.
You can not unwrap that package.
The greatest feature of this software package is its compatibility.
He assumed that the package would arrive on time.
It is possible to send the package to you by mail.
The totally new bath panel is still in the package.

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