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Chinese Conversation of the Day

From now on - campus / studying
  • Mary
    • 你打算什么时候开始学法语?
    • When do you want to start studying French?
  • John
    • 下个星期吧。
    • I want to start next week.
  • Mary
    • 现在就开始学,怎么样?
    • What about starting from now on?
  • John
    • 好。
    • Fine.

Learn Chinese Characters

  • mutual; each other
examples starting with 互



描 means to copy a drawing by following the lines or letters as seen through a transparent superimposed sheet.

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Meng Jiang Nv

Meng Jiang Nv was a legendary character during the Qin Dynasty who went to the Great Wall in search of her husband, a conscripted laborer of the Wall. She learned that he had died of …

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